Are we prepared to handle a situation where hundreds of people may be at risk in Arctic waters? That is one of the key issues at the conference. This image shows one of the Hurtigruten ships during a voyage along the Northwest passage. (Illustration: Hurtigruten)
Hurtigruten, the traditional Norwegian Coastal Steamer, continue its Arctic expansion, including sailing the Northwest Passage. (Photo from Hurtigruten).

Hurtigruten goes to Russia

Hurtigruten, the ships traditionally sailing along the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes, will in 2019 continue its Arctic expansion, including sailing the Northwest Passage as well as between Tromsø (Norway) and Murmansk (Russia).

Hurtigruten recently announced its expansion plans. Not only will five different ships continue offering Svalbard expeditions; the new hybrid vessel MS Roald Amundsen will sail the Northwest Passage, 100 years after the Norwegian polar explorer sailed it as the first person ever with the vessel Gjøa.

That voyage is expected to take three weeks and will take passengers from Greenland via the Northwest Passage to Nome, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean.

Hurtigruten will also start offering expedition cruises between Tromsø and Murmansk, including a visit to Franz Joseph Land.

– We will be the first operator in the world to pass through the Northwest Passage using hybrid-fuel vessels. Both we at Hurtigruten and our guests are concerned with preserving the areas that we explore, says Managing Director Daniel Skjeldam of Hurtigruten.

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