Greenland takes Denmark to the UN

Greenland has submitted a complaint with the United Nations (UN), claiming that Denmark has violated Greenlanders’ human rights in relation to the establishing and operation of US military bases on Greenland.

According to Information, a Danish news outlet, the complaint was delivered to the UN’s special rapporteurs, who answer to the UN Human Rights Council, by the Danish Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Carsten Staur, in April. The complaint requests an UN investigation into whether Denmark has done enough to provide Greenland with adequate compensation following Denmark’s decision to permit US military bases on Greenland.

Vittus Qujaukitsoq, who was Greenland’s foreign minister at the time the complaint was launched, has later resigned following a conflict with premier Kim Kielsen, and Mr Qujaukitsoq has later said he will be challenging current premier Kim Kielsen for his position.

Both the current Greenlandic Foreign Minister Suka K. Frederiksen and the current Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen have declined to comment on the situation, according to Information.

It is not yet clear whether investigations will commence. Should Nuuk decide to withdraw the complaint, the rapporteurs may still pursue the case on its own initiative.

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