SALT, Langsanden i Gildeskål. Foto: Linda Storholm
Den store hjellkonstruksjonen på 150 meter har klappet sammen i løpet av fredagen. Foto: Linda Storholm

Gone with the wind

Art-project SALT was friday hit by wind. According to eye-witnesses the 150 meter long fish rack on the beach is destroyed.

Entrepreneur behind the project, Erlend Mogård-Larsen, says to that he currently doesn´t know much more than the fact that the biggest rack has literally blown down. 

The project is situated on the beach Langsanden in Gildeskål, Norway. The project has several fish racks, made to serve as a bar, concert arena and sauna, but these are not affected by the incident. 

The largest rack holds several film installations located in tiny houses.  

Mogård-Larsen says he inspected Salt himself friday morning, and it was all fine. He doesn´t know yet exactly how much damage the wind has made. 

Entrepreneurs have been working in advance of construction to ensure the project could hold north Norwegian conditions, but unfortunately it wasn´t enough. 

Mogård-Larsen says to that they now will strengthen the other structures to avoid wind-made destruction.



SALT, Sandhornøy. Foto: Arne O. Holm

SALT, Sandhornøy.
Foto: Arne O. Holm

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