Svalbard - Kina 2015.

Fanger lyset, råskapen og livet i Arktis

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Svein Wik (53) var fysisk og mentalt utmattet etter år som IT-ingeniør, og i søken etter frisk en hverdag gjorde han Arktis, naturen og dyreliv til levebrød – gjennom eksklusiv fototurisme.

Mercury dropping in polar bears

Mercury dropping in polar bears

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For polar bears pushed to shore as summer sea ice vanishes, there appears to be a side benefit — mercury levels are dropping as the animals switch to land-based food sources.

China’s Ambassador: “We have a lot to learn in the Arctic”

China’s Ambassador: “We have a lot to learn in the Arctic”

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– Our main focus in the Arctic areas is scientific research, we want to follow the development of the climate change, says Chinas Ambassdor to Norway, Min Wang.

– The Arctic must define itself as an idea by itself.

– The Arctic must define itself as an idea by itself.

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The Arctic has long attracted the south’s gaze. Now, the region’s artists want it to lend its ears.

Akademik Lomonosov at bay in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Photo: Agustin Alapont Castilla/ShipSpotting)

Norwegian Government ‘Very Critical’ to Russian Nuclear Reactor Haul

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The Norwegian Government is very critical to the Russian plans about transporting the floating nuclear power plant ‘Akademik Lomonosiv’ along the Norwegian coast during the summer of 2018 and now approaches Russian authorities about the matter.

Killer whales push fishermen out from areas

Killer whales push fishermen out from areas

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In the Bering Sea, fishermen are trying to escape a predator that seems to outwit them at every turn, stripping their fishing lines and lurking behind their vessels.

Rosneft has discovered oil in the Laptev Sea, and it could be a significant discovery according to Rosneft. (Photo: Google Maps/Rosneft)

Rosneft Found Oil in the Laptev Sea

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Rosneft believes it has made a major discovery in Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea. Preliminary estimates suggest that resources could amount up to 9.5 billion tons of oil equivalents.

Catching snow crab (chionoecetes bairdi) in Svalbard water has become a bone of contention between Norway and the EU. (Photo: NOAA/Wikimedia commons)

Norway Sets Snow Crab Quotas

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Norway has set a quota of 4,000 tons of snow crabs. This happens while Norway and the EU are arguing over the latter’s right to allocate quotas to its fishing vessels.

Kimek Offshore of Kirkenes, Norway beat ESA and Norwegian authorities through two rounds in the EFTA Court in 2015. The case was about whether labor force coming into the reduced social security contribution fee zone on a rotating basis should be exempt from such fee. The EFTA Court said no, thought ESA re-introduced the same regulations once again. (Photo: Kimek Offshore).

Kimek considers new lawsuit against ESA.

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In 2015, the EFTA Court ruled that companies based in Southern Norway may not benefit from the regionally differentiated social security contributions scheme when renting out labor force in Northern Norway. ESA ignores that.

ESA: – We do not make the rules

ESA: – We do not make the rules

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– ESA has done what the Court requested. We do not ignore the EFTA Court.

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