Ny rapport: Surere hav i Arktis

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Havforsuringen i Arktis er i ferd med å endre det marine økosystemet. Effektene av havforsuringen er komplekse og rammer ikke bare fiskerinæringen i og utenfor Arktis, men også lokale samfunn.

The Sami Parliament makes use of several means to thwart the Norwegian government’s decision to grant a depository license to Nussir at Kvalsund. The Burson-Marsteller PR agency actively contributed to creating a political strategy to thwart mining. (Map: Nussir)

Sjødeponi er tryggere enn landdeponi

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Deponering av avgangsmasser fra gruvedrift i sjøen gir mindre forurensning enn deponering på land. Doktorgradsarbeid avliver myter.

Kjøper Norut Narvik

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Forte Narvik og UiT Norges arktiske universitet kjøper Norutkonsernets aksjepost i Norut Narvik. 

The icebreaker Polarstern traveling in the central Arctic Ocean.  (Photo:: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Mario Hoppmann (CC-BY 4.0).)

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues Downward Trend

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Arctic sea ice reaches the sixth-lowest summer extent since observations began nearly 40 years ago. Harsh ice conditions in the Canadian Archipelago and at the North Pole impeded the safe navigation of vessels.

The Vasyugan River in Tomsk Oblast, Siberia. (Photo: Vadim tLS Andrianov)

Siberian Rivers and Thawing Permafrost: A Precarious Pair of Carbon Emitters

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A ground-breaking climate change study sheds light on the little-known effects of permafrost thaw on Arctic river carbon emissions in Western Siberia – and it isn’t good news.

Large marine mammals accumulate persistent organic pollutants in their fat tissue, posing a dangerous health risk for subsistence-based Arctic communities. (Photo: pxhere)

Banned Toxic Chemicals Finally Decreasing in Arctic Wildlife

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New research brings hope for global action on pollution. A recent study shows that persistent organic pollutants are finally disappearing from the Arctic, two decades after outlawing their use.

The staff of the CER-ARCTIC research centre in Barcelona, which focuses on comparative studies involving the Arctic. (Left to Right) Melody B. Burkins, Dartmouth College, USA; Rune Fjellheim, Sámi Parliament, Norway; Níels Einarsson, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Iceland; Françoise Breton, CER-ARCTIC of UAB, Spain; Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, University of Iceland; Marta Sobrido-Prieto, University of A Coruña, Spain.

Comparing the Arctic and the Mediterranean

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Researchers at a new Arctic research institute in Spain conduct comparative studies between the Arctic and other regions.

Plastavfall er et problem også i Barentshavet, viser en norsk-russisk kartlegging. (Foto: Bo Eide/flickr)

80 prosent av søppelet i Barentshavet er plast

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Ferske tall fra forskning i Barentshavet viser at 80 prosent av søppelet i Barentshavet består av plast.

The Swedish icebreaker Oden on its way to the North Pole in August 2018. (Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Mario Hoppmann,

Icebreaker encounters most difficult ice conditions in 15 years

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A Swedish icebreaker on the way to the North Pole has encountered heavy ice conditions and had to stop just before the North Pole.

Director of the High North Center, Frode Mellemvik (right), was excited to present the AlaskaNor project during an event at the Arendal Week together with (from the left) Erin Robertson of the American Embassy in Oslo, Nordland County Councilor Tomas Norvoll and State Secretary of the Norwegian MFA Audun Halvorsen. (Photo: Courtesy of the HNC)

Norwegian-American Collaboration on Blue Growth

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The High North Centre for Business and Governance (HNC) at Nord University, Bodø/Norway, and the Institute of the North in Alaska are now commencing a three-year project called AlaskaNor.

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