The staff of the CER-ARCTIC research centre in Barcelona, which focuses on comparative studies involving the Arctic. (Left to Right) Melody B. Burkins, Dartmouth College, USA; Rune Fjellheim, Sámi Parliament, Norway; Níels Einarsson, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Iceland; Françoise Breton, CER-ARCTIC of UAB, Spain; Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, University of Iceland; Marta Sobrido-Prieto, University of A Coruña, Spain.

Comparing the Arctic and the Mediterranean

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Researchers at a new Arctic research institute in Spain conduct comparative studies between the Arctic and other regions.

First load of military equipment for Trident Juncture 2018 arrives in Norway

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Last week, vehicles and equipment for NATO’s largest military exercise in recent years arrived from Italy to Norway.

Trans-Arctic shipping has flopped, Professor Torbjørn Pedersen at Nord University writes. (Photo: Rosatomflot)

Record Traffic on Northern Sea Route as COSCO Completes Five Transits

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Northern Sea Route Traffic jumps more than 80 percent as COSCO of China completes five transits with more on the way. Shipping giant Maersk also active on route as well as a number of cruise ships.

A truck winds its way along the Dempster Highway, an important transit corridor in the Canadian territories of Yukon and Northwest Territories. (Photo: Stefan Ehrbar/Wikimedia Commons)

Canada’s Northern Corridor Concept

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An ambitious infrastructure project designed to better integrate Canada’s North could bring substantial benefits – economic and otherwise.

An Arctic railway between Norway and Finland may offer major opportunities for companies and investors in the High North. (Illustration: Arctic Corridor)

Amount of Cargo Decides When Arctic Railway May Be Realised

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There is significant international interest in a potential railway between Rovaniemi and Kirkenes, however, questions remain regarding whether or not it will be possible to realize the railway by 2030. The amount of cargo and the development of the Northern Sea Route are among the factors causing insecurity.

Akademik Ioffe sailing through loose ice in Paradise Bay. (Photo: Baron Reznik/Flickr)

Arctic Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Canada’s Northwest Passage

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The Russian-flagged passenger ship Akademik Ioffe ran aground along Canada’s Arctic Northwest Passage with 162 people aboard early on Friday, August 24th.

The Swedish icebreaker Oden on its way to the North Pole in August 2018. (Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Mario Hoppmann, meereisportal.de)

Icebreaker encounters most difficult ice conditions in 15 years

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A Swedish icebreaker on the way to the North Pole has encountered heavy ice conditions and had to stop just before the North Pole.

Director of the High North Center, Frode Mellemvik (right), was excited to present the AlaskaNor project during an event at the Arendal Week together with (from the left) Erin Robertson of the American Embassy in Oslo, Nordland County Councilor Tomas Norvoll and State Secretary of the Norwegian MFA Audun Halvorsen. (Photo: Courtesy of the HNC)

Norwegian-American Collaboration on Blue Growth

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The High North Centre for Business and Governance (HNC) at Nord University, Bodø/Norway, and the Institute of the North in Alaska are now commencing a three-year project called AlaskaNor.

- Against whom is Norway building up its military force if Russie does not represent a threat, asked Vladimir Isupov (left), while Audun Halvorsen argues that the Norwegian defence and security policy is firm, predictable and far from aggressive towards Russia. (Photo collage: Arne F. Finne)

A Ritual Gust of Cold War

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An aura of cold war rituals hovered over the exchange of opinions between Norway and Russia during the High North debate during the Arendal Week.

Illustration of a Maersk Arc4 ice-class container ship sailing through ice on the Northern Sea Route.
(Source: Photos courtesy of Rosatomflot and Kwak Dongmin. Composition courtesy of the author. )

Maersk Container Ship Embarks on Historic Arctic Transit

20/08/2018 kl 10:00 15 kommentarer

Danish company Maersk becomes latest major shipping operator to dip its toes in Arctic waters as it sends 3,600 TEU container ship along Russia’s Northern Sea Route.

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