New Nordic Program in Environmental Law

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In 2019, three universities in Norway, Sweden and Finland will launch a joint master program in environmental law, its creation funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The third consecutive, annual ‘Drones in Norway’ conference will focus on using drones in fisheries, seafarming and the petroleum industry. (Illustration photo: Pixabay)

Look Out for Drones – They Are Coming Everywhere

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The seafood industry, the offshore and petroleum industry and the drone industry meet for the third consecutive year at the ‘Drones in Norway’ conference in Bodø, Norway at the end of this month.

– Scrapping Submarine Cable to Svalbard is Intolerable

– Scrapping Submarine Cable to Svalbard is Intolerable

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– Scrapping the submarine cable opportunity as a potential power supply source to Svalbard without a feasibility study is quite remarkable says Dag Ivar Brekke, former deputy director of Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani (SNSK).

Wrestling match between Russia and Norway during the Barents Winter Games in Murmansk, a people-to-people project that has received funding through the Barens Secretariat. At present, further funding of its operations is debated in Norway. (Photo: Jonas Karlsbakk/the Barents Secretariat)

Pengekrangel om Barentssatsing

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Det hersker tilsynelatende stor usikkerhet, og klar uenighet, omkring den videre finansieringen av Barentssekretariatet i Kirkenes.

Restoration of US air base in Iceland does not mean troops will follow, Navy says

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The Navy’s construction of a former air base in Iceland does not necessarily mean that U.S. troops will again be stationed in the country, according to Navy officials.

Iceland In Top 10 Countries Participating In “Veganuary”

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Iceland is in 6th place amongst the top 20 countries participating in Veganuary in terms of per capita participation.

Odd Roger Enoksen, President and CEO of Andøya Space Center (left) and Mayor Jonni Solsvik (Conservatives) work intensely to establish a new rocket launch base at Andøya island in Northern Norway. (Photo: Hege Eilertsen)

Andøya May Bring Norway Into The World’s Satellite Elite

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The market is growing exponentially, and Norway is already lagging behind. However, if Andøya Space Center succeeds, Norway may lead Europe when it comes to launching commercial satellites. That may provide 200-300 local jobs and have significant national ripple effects.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) was warmlyl welcomed by US President Donald Trump in the White House yesterday. Their meeting focused much on trade; however, defense and security policy was also on the agenda. (Photo: Stein J. Bjørge, Aftenposten)

Norway Increasingly Important in the US’ Deterrence of Russia

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The USA is strengthening its military presence in Europe, and Norway will play a key role in deterrence measures against Russia in 2018 too. The USA plans on spending NOK 37 billion in this strengthening process; an increase of NOK 12 billion compared with 2017 figures.

US President Donald Trump today receives Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in the White House. We have spoken with experts who suggest she should talk about Norway and the US’ shared interest in development of the High North. (Photo: Michael Vadon)

Solberg meets Trump: Arctic on the Agenda

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Norwegian PM Erna Solberg meets US President Donald Trump after one of the coldest weeks ever in Washington D.C. If climate becomes an issue, it may be rather cool before the Oval Office fireplace too.

Singapore’s iconic skyline seems far removed from the Arctic (Photo: Gregory Sharp)

Linking Singapore, Asia, and the Arctic

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Singaporean experts help us unpack some common questions about the role of Singapore and other Asian states in the Arctic.

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