Kielsen Continues In Greenland, Despite Decline

Kielsen Continues In Greenland, Despite Decline

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Kim Kielsen and the Siumut party continues as government party in Greenland, despite declining support in yesteday’s elections. The election winner is the Demokraatit party.

Corey Ellis, the winner of this year’s award, accepts his prize from Victoria Hermann from The Arctic Institute and Elena Zhurova from the High North Centre. (Photo: High North Centre)

Inaugural High North Young Entrepreneur Prize Awarded

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Inaugural High North Young Entrepreneur prize winner sets sights on tackling food insecurity in Canada’s northern territories.

Professor of Mineral Economy, Magnus Ericsson (left) and Bellona’s Advisor on Industry, Waste and Recycling, Olaf Brastad) agree: Environmentalists should work to promote the mineral industry and mineral understanding. (Photo: Arne F. Finne)

Wants Environmentalists to Champion the Mineral Industry

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– Environmentalists should parade in support of the mineral industry, says Professor Magnus Ericsson. Norwegian environmental NGO Bellona concurs.

- We need to think positively and promote it, says Amanda Åsberg (22) of the Barents Secretariat. (Photo: Christine Karijord)

– We Should Promote How Cool It Is To Live in the Arctic

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It is important to promote the positive aspects of living in the High North and make the abundant opportunities visible to people who are about to make major life choices for their future. In that way, people are more likely to stay or return to the Arctic, argues Amanda Åsberg, Communications Advisor at the Barents Secretariat.

Visit Arctic Europe Created 400 New Jobs in Tourism

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Travel industry actors in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland joined forces in 2015 to promote the region as an all-year round destination. The result? More than 400 new jobs, for starters.

Mineral-heavy panel during the Geonor 2018 in Mo i Rana, Norway. From the left: Randi S. Grini of the Norwegian Directorate of Mining, CAO of Naustdal Municipality Øyvind Bang-Olsen, Trond Watne of Brønnøy Kalk/Norwegian Minerals and Elisabeth Gammelsæter from Norwegian Mining Industry.

– We Need Mining and Should Promote It

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– The mineral industry is a prerequisite for a green shift – people will have to get that soon. Besides, the application process needs to be more streamlined.

The LNG Carrier Boris Vilkitsky operating in the frozen waters of the Northern Sea Route in March 2018. (Photo: Courtesy of Captain Alexander Skryabin)

Yamal LNG Carrier Boris Vilkitsky In Gross Violation of Safety Rules on NSR

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The LNG Carrier Boris Vilkitsky, operated by Dynagas LNG Partners, a joint venture by Dynagas, Sinotrans, and China LNG Shipping, entered Northern Sea Route last week in violation of the Rules of Navigation. Safety concerns on the route abound in the light of nearly 100 violations in 2017 alone. Will Russian authorities act to ensure safety along the route?

– Mary Simon (70) is a true High North Hero!

– Mary Simon (70) is a true High North Hero!

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Canadian Inuit leader Mary Simon (70 is the High North Hero 2018.

The new Utsyn forum, directed by  Hedda Langemyr, partners with the Fritt Ord foundation and the Bergen Foundation. (Photo: Hege Eilertsen)

Hedda Wants More Debate about Norwegian Foreign and Security Policy

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– It is obvious that the tense situation between the USA and Russia also affects the Norwegian relationship to Russia quite significantly, says Hedda Langemyr. The former director of the Norwegian Peace Council wants a larger public debate about strategies and choices in Norwegian foreign and security policy.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Conservatives) visiting Kimek in Kirkenes, learning how proximity to Russia helps secure local jobs. Kimek is one of the world’s northernmost workshops for ship repairs and has a unique localization with its proximity to Arctic waters and the eastern neighbor. (Photo: Håkon Jacobsen/ TIF Ministry)

Trade Minister in Kirkenes: – Very Exciting Plans

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Norwegian Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Conservatives) sees major opportunities in Kirkenes town and Sør-Varanger municipality that form the end destination for both Hurtigruten and the E6 road.

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