This photo was taken late January 2014, when Børge Brende met Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov among others to discuss Norwegian export of fish to Russia. (Photo: the Norwegian Foreign Ministry/Kristin Enstad)

Norwegian Foreign Ministry Still Vague about Brende’s Trip to Russia

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– I look forward to meeting Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov in Arkhangelsk, Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende said to Parliament recently. But are the two actually meeting? A few days before Brende’s first trip to Russia in more than three years, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is scant about sharing details.

Salmon from fish farming locations contain lower levels of pollutants than wild salmon does, according to a new science report. (Photo: Marine Harvest)

More pollutants in wild salmon than in farmed salmon

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A new research report from the Norwegian National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) states that wild salmon contains a higher level of pollutants than farmed salmon does. However, the levels are very low for both.

Increased tension between the USA and Russia will lead to increased attention to the sea areas called 'the GIUK gap'. (Illustration from the  Greenland Card report.)

Danish Defence Report: Give Greenland More Influence!

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A recent report from the Centre for Military Studies in Copenhagen encouraged Denmark to include Greenlandic authorities to a stronger degree when shaping its High North policy. “The Greenland Card” must be used against the USA.

A binding agreement on regulation of fisheries and cooperation about research in the international parts of the Polar Sea is approaching.

Closer to Agreement on the Polar Sea

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The international negotiations about an agreement on regulating fisheries and cooperating on research in the Polar Sea are getting near the end. There is hope of agreeing.

Intern Erika Vartdal and the Russian city Murmansk in the background. (Photo: Private/Wikimedia Commons)

Erika (22) about her six months at Norways northernmost foreign mission: – Unique!

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– In this biting cold I found the warmest people I have ever met, Erika Vartdal says. Here you find the 22-year old’s “travelogue” from her internship with Norway’s northernmost foreign mission: The Consulate General in Murmansk, Russia.

Thomas Norvoll, President of Nordland County Government, calls for money from the national government for geological mapping of Norway.

North Norway Calls for Mineral Funding

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Tomas Norvoll, President of Nordland County Government, calls for money from the national government for geological mapping of Norway. This funding was cut from the state budget in 2016 and has not been returned in the budget for 2017.

Bank of Finland raises growth forecast for 2017

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The significance of exports as a driver of economic growth is expected to grow in the near future, according to the Bank of Finland.

Trump considers Eni bid for Arctic Drilling

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Eni has requested exploring for oil in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska, and the Interior Department is now weighing the request.

Global Teacher Prize to Inuit Village Teacher in Canada

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Canadian Maggie MacDonnell won this year’s Global Teacher Prize for her work as a teacher in the Inuit village Salluit.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is coming to Bodø at the end of April. Here she was photographed in Bodø, Norway, during the “Agenda North Norway” conference in 2015. (Photo: Christine Karijord)

Norwegian Government to Present New High North Strategy on 21 April

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Prime Minister Erna Solberg brings a top-heavy team of ministers with her when she arrives in Bodø, Norway, on 21 April. High North News has learned that she will present the government’s new High North Strategy at the Conservative Party’s High North Conference.

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