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Large marine mammals accumulate persistent organic pollutants in their fat tissue, posing a dangerous health risk for subsistence-based Arctic communities. (Photo: pxhere)

Banned Toxic Chemicals Finally Decreasing in Arctic Wildlife

18/09/2018 kl 12:42 0 kommentarer

New research brings hope for global action on pollution. A recent study shows that persistent organic pollutants are finally disappearing from the Arctic, two decades after outlawing their use.

Parks Canada underwater archeologists return to the HMS Erebus in 2016 to document and assess the site. (Photo: Parks Canada)

Underwater Archeology Team Seeks New Clues to an Old Arctic Mystery

17/09/2018 kl 12:46 0 kommentarer

In the largest and most complex underwater archeology undertaking in Canadian history, a Parks Canada team heads north this week to uncover the fate of the disastrous Franklin Expedition of 1845.

Kommunikasjonssjef Tonje Nermark, opprinnelig er fra Sandnessjøen, har bakgrunn både fra EFTA-sekretariatet – hvor hun har jobbet med strategisk kommunikasjon - og Nord-Norges Europakontor i Brussel.  (Foto: Mo industripark)

I Brussel for å løfte frem nordnorsk industri

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Tonje Nermark, kommunikasjonssjef i Mo Industripark, er blant innlederne når EU-kommisjonen i dag inviterer til Arctic Stakeholder Conference i Brussel.

The UK Royal Marines training in Norway during the Joint Exercise Cold Response in 2012 (Photo: Martin Carney/Creative Commons)

Defence report: UK must strengthen its position in the Arctic

17/09/2018 kl 09:10 1 kommentar

Increase in Russian military activity and a new security environment are reasons for the UK to increase its presence in and focus on the Arctic region, argues a new report from a UK defence sub-committee.

The Venta Maersk following behind the nuclear icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy through icy waters on the NSR.
(Photo: Rosatomflot)

Maersk Container Ship Transits Arctic Ocean With Icebreaker Escort

14/09/2018 kl 13:14 1 kommentar

Danish shipping giant Maersk is about to complete the first-ever transit of the Arctic Ocean by a container ship. The Venta Maersk traveled through ice-covered waters with the help of a nuclear icebreaker and is expected in Europe within a week.

MP Espen Barth Eide is critical of Norway’s attractive position for crypto miners. (Photo: UN Photo/Jean-March Ferré/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Barth Eide: – Can We Prevent Norway From Becoming the World’s Bitcoin Mine?

13/09/2018 kl 12:02 0 kommentarer

Norwegian MP Espen Barth Eide is worried that Norway may become so attractive for crypto miners that it will supplant power-intensive Norwegian industry. The Finance Minister responds that stopping discounts to crypto miners is difficult.

Illustration of ICESat-2 in orbit around Earth. (Source: Courtesy of NASA)

NASA Launches Next Generation Satellite to Monitor Arctic Sea Ice

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The North American Space Administration (NASA) will be sending a groundbreaking new satellite into a Polar orbit on September 15th. The ICESat-2 mission carries a single instrument, the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS), which uses laser pulses to precisely measure the Earth’s ice, land, and water surfaces.

MP Espen Barth Eide is critical of Norway’s attractive position for crypto miners. (Photo: UN Photo/Jean-March Ferré/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Barth Eide: – Kan vi hindre at Norge blir verdens bitcoingruve?

13/09/2018 kl 09:24 0 kommentarer

Stortingsrepresentant Espen Barth Eide er bekymret for om Norge blir så attraktivt for kryptogravere at det fortrenger viktig kraftintensiv norsk industri. Finansministeren svarer at det er vanskelig å stoppe rabatten til kryptograverne. 

Steigen-ordfører Asle Schrøder sier pengene fra Havbruksfondet kommer svært godt med. (Foto: Steigen kommune)

Laksepenger skal løfte Steigen ut av Robek-lista

11/09/2018 kl 14:50 0 kommentarer

Det ligger an til tidenes utbetaling fra Havbruksfondet, og i Nord-Norge er det laksekommunene i Nordland som får mest å rutte med når det snart skal drysses 2,7 milliarder kroner utover det ganske land. I Steigen kan ordfører Asle Schrøder glede seg over å få godt over 31 millioner friske kroner inn på kommunekontoen.

China’s Xue Long icebreaker outside the port of Fremantle, Australia. (Photo: Bahnfrend/Wikimedia)

China Launches Domestically-Built “Xue Long 2” Icebreaker

11/09/2018 kl 11:14 1 kommentar

As China launches the Xue Long 2, its first domestically-built icebreaker, it now matches the U.S. in terms of operational icebreakers. And additional Polar Class icebreakers are already on the drawing board.

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