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Arne F. Finne
Arne F. Finne er journalist i High North News.

Analyse: To tapere og en vinner i Grønlands selvstyre?

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Etter tirsdagens valg til Inatsisartut står to av dagens regjeringspartier igjen som de store taperne. De kan likevel fortsette å styre.

Elkem Salten i Sørfold startet opp i 1967, og produserer silisium.

Elkem Salten med nytt anlegg til en milliard kroner

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Det nye energigjenvinningsanlegget som Elkem Salten planlegger å bygge skal gjenvinne 28 prosent av verkets energiforbruk. Det nye senteret har en investeringsramme på nærmere en milliard kroner.

Dr Ingrid A. Medby
Dr Ingrid A. Medby is a Lecturer in Political Geography at Oxford Brookes University (UK). Her research focuses on Arctic identities and politics: what it means to represent an Arctic state, and how ideas of identity may influence political practices in the region. Originally from Northern Norway, her research to date has focused mainly on Norway, Iceland, and Canada.

Commentary: Difficult dialogues may matter the most

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As Russian diplomats are leaving NATO countries and vice versa, we are losing more than one important channel of contact. There is less cross-border movement, less sharing of positive stories in the media, and less public funding for social collaboration. Yet, it is in times like these that dialogue is needed the most.

Kielsen Continues In Greenland, Despite Decline

Kielsen Continues In Greenland, Despite Decline

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Kim Kielsen and the Siumut party continues as government party in Greenland, despite declining support in yesteday’s elections. The election winner is the Demokraatit party.

Kielsen fortsetter på Grønland – tross tilbakegang

Kielsen fortsetter på Grønland – tross tilbakegang

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Kim Kielsen og partiet Siumut fortsetter som regjeringsparti på Grønland, til tross for tilbakegang ved valget. Valgvinner er Demokraatit.

Corey Ellis, the winner of this year’s award, accepts his prize from Victoria Hermann from The Arctic Institute and Elena Zhurova from the High North Centre. (Photo: High North Centre)

Inaugural High North Young Entrepreneur Prize Awarded

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Inaugural High North Young Entrepreneur prize winner sets sights on tackling food insecurity in Canada’s northern territories.

Professor of Mineral Economy, Magnus Ericsson (left) and Bellona’s Advisor on Industry, Waste and Recycling, Olaf Brastad) agree: Environmentalists should work to promote the mineral industry and mineral understanding. (Photo: Arne F. Finne)

Wants Environmentalists to Champion the Mineral Industry

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– Environmentalists should parade in support of the mineral industry, says Professor Magnus Ericsson. Norwegian environmental NGO Bellona concurs.

Helt unikt beredskapslab åpnet i Bodø

Helt unikt beredskapslab åpnet i Bodø

24/04/2018 kl 15:29 0 kommentarer

Nordlab åpnet i Bodø. – Godt å se at vi fyller en plass gjennom å bidra til å bygge kompetanse i beredskapsapparatet, sier Odd Jarl Borch.

Severomorsk, Russia (April 15, 2011) Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead tours the Russian Northern Fleet with Vice Adm. Andrey Olgertovich Volozhinsky, acting commander of the Russian Northern Fleet in Severomorsk, Russia. (Photo: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons)

Areas of (no) conflict in the Arctic

24/04/2018 kl 14:07 1 kommentar

Resources and boundary disputes are no longer issues of serious contention in Arctic affairs. But global deterrence, local accidents and incidents, societal polarizations, and access to Arctic regions for scientific purposes could hold conflict potential.

- We need to think positively and promote it, says Amanda Åsberg (22) of the Barents Secretariat. (Photo: Christine Karijord)

– We Should Promote How Cool It Is To Live in the Arctic

24/04/2018 kl 11:38 0 kommentarer

It is important to promote the positive aspects of living in the High North and make the abundant opportunities visible to people who are about to make major life choices for their future. In that way, people are more likely to stay or return to the Arctic, argues Amanda Åsberg, Communications Advisor at the Barents Secretariat.

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