- We appreciate that our owner says we also can calculate potential profits from selling Svea coal, however, this is nevertheless still the end of the coalmining era, says Managing Director Jan Morten Ertsaas of SNSK, the Svalbard coalmining company. (Photo with view over Svea: Arne O. Holm, Ertsaas: Private)

SNSK: – Positive, Yet Still the End


– We appreciate that our owner says we also can calculate potential profits from selling Svea coal, however, this is nevertheless still the end of the coalmining era on Svalbard.

UK research vessel RRS James Clark Ross outside Kapp Tatteshall, Greenland (Photo: Sindre Skrede/Creative Commons)

The UK’s new Arctic policy: More explicit, but still conservative


Although UK’s new Arctic policy framework supports the status quo, the strategy is more explicit when it comes to connecting Arctic interests to its broader foreign policy interests, as a part of ‘Global Britain’.

The sculptures in the "Valley of Honor” along the Zapadnaya Litsa River along the way from Kirkenes to Murmansk are memorials to commemorate the battles during WW2. (Photo: Arne O. Holm)

Commentary: Donald Trump Rides Again


There is not an increased risk of war in the Arctic. Very few believe that. But we have managed to maneuver ourselves into a situation where misunderstandings and lack of dialogue can create situations we never predicted – in the Arctic too, our Editor-in-Chief Arne O. Holm writes in this commentary.

- Norway must stop talking to us through political slogans, Russia’s Ambassador to Norway Teimuraz O. Ramishvili said to High North News last year. In the same interview, he expressed in no uncertain terms that Russia is not very happy about American forces being placed in Værnes (Central Norway) on a rotational basis. It is not known whether the recent post on the Embassy’s Facebook page is written by the Ambassador himself or by others at the Embassy. (Photo: Hege Eilertsen)

Russia’s Embassy in Norway: – Gravely Concerned


– The situation has not changed: Be it Værnes in Central Norway, Rygge in Southern Norway or Setermoen i Northern Norway – Taking such steps raises grave concerns with us, Russia’s embassy says in a comment to the fact that the number of American marine soldiers in Norway will increase.

Nasafjell. Engangsillustrasjon

Leserinnlegg: Leve Nasafjell


– Det haster med å mobilisere alle gode krefter. Naturen i Saltfjellområdet er nok en gang i fare, skriver Tone Toft i dette leserinnlegget.

Re-start for grunnlovsarbeidet på Grønland

Re-start for grunnlovsarbeidet på Grønland


– Grunnlovskommisjonen har ikke oppnådd særlige resultater, og arbeidet har ikke vært godt nok. Derfor evaluerer vi nå hele prosessen, sier selvstendighetsministeren på Grønland.

English or Danish as primary foreign language for future pupils in Greenland – that is the question. (Photo of the children: Kitte Witting)

A Long Way to Go for English in Greenland


There is still a long way to go before English replaces Danish as primary foreign language in Greenland.

Willy Ørnebakk (t.v), Tomas Norvoll og Ragnhild Vassvik står samlet bak prestisjeprosjektet til Bodø og Nordland. (Foto: Emil Bremnes)

Nord-Norge står samlet om Bodø som europeisk kulturhovedstad


Bodø er eneste norske søkerby til europeisk kulturhovedstad i 2024, og nå får byen tommel opp også fra lederne i landsdelens tre fylker.